Wednesday, September 26, 2012


LMS for Rate

Don't know what these mean? Tried to interpret them on your own before finally giving up and googling them? Don't worry, I did the same thing with YOLO.

On Facebook, it is always much easier to use acronyms rather than spelling things out all the way.

LMS = Like my status
TBH = To be honest
IMHO = In my humble/honest opinion

If you haven't seen these, it is probably because you aren't FB friends with teenagers. The lil' darlings I'm referring to are kids that have searched me out because they know me from when I was their elementary school librarian years ago, or if I've taught them youth theater or been in plays with them. Some are people I've been in contact with from going to the same church.

WHY would you put yourself through the humiliation of being "rated" by one of your peers for the whole FB crowd to see? WHY would you say something horrible about someone and think you can get away with it purely because you say TBH or IMHO. WHY is this acceptable?

I have seen this, not joking:

LMS for rate & TBH!
"Honestly, I don't really know you, but you are okay. 4"

4? They don't even know them and they are giving them a 4? I know, you are thinking "well what if it is a 4 out of 5?" Well, it isn't. It is usually out of 10 and then the people they really like or want to like them, they give them like 1 million trillion.

It is a shallow, horrible way to bully people. I'm sick of it. I've seen people try to stand up for themselves and then get cussed out by the other "friends" of the person rating them. I've seen someone defend their standards while at the same time judging and belittling a girl who hasn't made the same choices.

The internet is interesting. It brings out a lot in people. Good, bad, and in between. It's kind of like having an older brother that could beat the crap out of anyone if they mess with you, so you say whatever you want, feeling like you will be protected by him. Only, he can't protect your feelings when someone says something hurtful back to you.

I try, with all my might, to be true to who I am but at the same time being aware of other people's feelings. I have probably said a few things before...out of sarcasm, pms, frustration, insomnia, hunger, you name it...but I really hope I haven't ever said anything on the interwebs that have hurt feelings to the point of bullying.

Cyber bullying is real. It can get way worse than the examples I am giving, like actual violence ensuing, but here is a minor example from what I've observed.

Girls at a local Jr. High were talking about someone (the girl knew they were talking about her) back and forth on Facebook. They were using a foul nickname and were calling her VERY degrading things. More people got on board. It was like a witch hunt. A public and embarrassing witch hunt where they were getting so very mean in ways that I didn't think were possible. I couldn't believe that *these kids*, who I know, were acting like this. But, in a way, I could believe it. Not because they are bad kids. I don't think any kids are bad kids...I just think they get dealt bad cards and have to deal with them the best they know how.

TBH, it breaks my heart that this is happening. I can't handle the bullying, the incessant language that is the norm these days, and the pictures they put up of themselves just so that other people will tell them how sexy or hot they are.

Why do we look to the internet for validation? Is it because it is where most of us have social interaction in these modern times?

The internet is a wonderful place to connect with friends, but I will say this: I am SO GLAD that this wasn't around when I was in Jr. High or High School. Heaven help this least when I was younger, it was all said behind my back and I only heard wind of it a couple times. IMHO, that is better than being publicly humiliated and seeing what they are all actually saying.

What do you think? Would you rather know what people are saying about you (everyone else will know, too) or just know people are talking and not know who is saying it or what they are saying?


Matt Chapman said...

TBH I would just rather have people talking and not know who said it or what they are saying. IMHO I think FB is a waste of time and a load of crap. I'm sad that at one point in time one of my family members will be hurt by something said on FB.

Traci said...

I love this postand IMHO I think you did such a good job on it you should submit it to the paper or local news because it will help open parents eyes and mind as to why their kids shouldn't have a FB account or a limited one at least. I love FB for the reason that I can connect with old friends and family far away. As for kids, they see their friends and family everyday and don't really need FB to keep in touch with them. Kids get bullied to easily on FB and it turns real ugly and I think they need to start campagining against it. We need to protect our kids

Shannon said...

In Jr. High I heard something a girl said about me and it wasn't that rude(she didn't know I was sitting further down the table). I'd rather not know what people are saying. This is one of the reasons I tend to be cyber shy. I would feel bad if someone rated what I said in the guise that it's "IMHO". Also TBH, my husband refuses to join FB because of it all. That is not what it was intended for, I'm sure.

Steve Bealey said...

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