Sunday, September 23, 2012

I have a split personality. No I don't. Yes I do. AND...the perils of a scary movie habit.

I love Halloween.

I started decorating my house yesterday. I wanted to get it up early so I could see what the house still "needed" to make it just right. I bought a GIANT crapload of new decorations and decided to make a spider's web with decorations caught in it. Cute, right? I still need the fishing string to attach it all, but I have been having a good ol' time with putting up the owls and banners, witch's hats and brooms, and old Halloween pictures of my fam.
I love to get dressed up. It HAS to be the theater geek in me, but putting on fake eyelashes and wigs and being somebody I'm not is a ton of fun. One year, HUBS & I were Ozzy &  Sharon. Another, he was a Devo band member and I was an 80's teenybopper. We go all out. This year, L wants to be a roadkill panda with a mustache. She is the coolest 12 year old around. HUBS is still trying to figure out what to be and I am going to plan around his costume. BABY is going to be a ladybug because guess what, the dang costume was on clearance last October and I am too tired and busy to make anything else.

I also love the treats. I had some pumpkin bread from Kneaders yesterday and it was DELISH. People start to bake things when the weather gets cooler and the cool people bring me those goodies to eat. Thank you, cool people, in advance.

Isn't Autumn heavenly? OH. MY. GOODNESS. The breeze, the smells, the trees changing color, the night coming is all just so lovely. Fall is my favorite season. Add football to the mix and this chica is one happy camper.

I hate Halloween.

Haunted Houses (including forests, circuses, whatever) suck. I hate them. I have NEVER liked them. So, 2 boys that I went on dates with to Haunted Houses years ago, lucky you. Poor HUBS loves crap like that. So, if you are going on a date and need an awkward 3rd, give him a call. 

Trashy Costumes. 
No...not the kind where you wear a black trash bag and become a California Raisin, the other kind. Why does there have to be a super sexy version of Annie out there for a teenager to wear and sing Tomorrow ala Marylin Monroe? Why does a skimpy Hermione costume exist? Why does Halloween = free pass to dress like a lady of the night? The fact that I grew up in UTAH where 3/4 of the time there was snow on the ground and I needed a winter jacket to go trick-or-treating makes these costumes so foreign to me. It is still super cold around Halloween. Don't they get cold? Am I over thinking this? How do they trick-or-treat in those heels? OUCH. I'm such a grinch.

Disgustingly scary costumes. Ick. I don't want to see a zombie baby eating another baby's brains. Is that too much to ask, Halloween Specialty Stores? I will spare you the picture. How about a whole section in there devoted to the Scream movies. BLAST and WRETCH that high school boyfriend who thought I would enjoy seeing it in the theater. 

*I just had to move my chair so that my back is to the wall and I can now see my surroundings. Don't want any creepers sneaking up on me, now do I?*

HORROR MOVIES. I just can't handle it. I went through a phase as a youngin' and watched too many Horror films for my own good and now I think I am seriously scarred for life. BE's like any other habit. You start small, like with a couple of the scarier episodes of The Twilight Zone and move on to the B movie Horror films that are so lame, it's hard for them to be scary. If you need examples, just holler. And then, one day, you just decide it would be a good idea to watch something really scary. I blame my own walk down this path on my father. I don't know, though, if I should thank him or make him feel guilty for the years of choosing to watch movies like Scream or 7 and then not being able to sleep (judge was during my dating years and I wasn't strong).

Maybe I should thank him...I did get to see some pretty hilarious and awesome scary movies in my time. I am older and wiser and I know how those movies get to me and I am smart enough to choose NOT to go down that path.

I don't mind the trick-or-treaters...they are cute enough. I love Halloween parties. Any excuse for a party is a good one. See my dilemma? I don't know whether to love or hate this phenomenon that comes around for a month or so in the fall. 

What do you think?


Cecily said...

I love Halloween. Love it! I love the trick-or-treating, the decorating, dressing up, and the absolute fun it brings. I do NOT like the scary, bloody, dark, or disturbing parts of it. I always tell Ryan I love Halloween because it is just about fun, at least my kind of Halloween!

Kristin said...

I like Halloween for my kids. Dressing them up and going trick-or-treating. That's about it. I don't like dressing up. I have zero decorations. I guess I'm just ornery!

Matt Chapman said...

I loved the "Scared Bro's" website and thought it was hilarious. I wonder what made those tough guys look not so tough. I love scary things and laugh in the face of a haunted house horror costume. Its really so lame that it's not scary.

The Moody's said...

And yes, you guys are totally rock stars! Rock on!!!!

Paige and Peter said...

Overall, I like Halloween. Dressing up my family in costumes is fun. However, I really hate haunted houses and the demon stuff. Actually, I think I agree with everything you said, which makes me sound like I have a split personality and don't have a mind of my own. Oh well.

Gilbert Family said...

Halloween is always my favorite. The weather changing, the leaves turning colors, trick-or-treating, fall decor and even Haunted Houses...they all make me happy! Tell Hubs that he can be the #3 on our date if I can convince MY hubs to go :) I kinda love to get freaked out walking through the haunted stuff!

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